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I-80 Speedway @ Nebraska Ra...10/11/2014Nebraska 360 Sprints
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Carpetland Nebraska 360 Sprints & Speedway Motors Join forces

Carpetland Nebraska 360 Sprints &...

The Carpetland Nebraska 360 Sprints are absolutely giddy about our newest A feature sponsor, Speedway Motors, America's Oldest speed shop that like the 360 sprints originated in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's only fitting that Speedway Motors partner with the Nebraska 360 Sprints to help perpetuate the...more
Meeting Recap

Meeting Recap

First and foremost, we wish to thank everyone for attending the Nebraska 360 Sprint meeting this past week. We really appreciate every one's commitment to run our series in 2015. As we indicated we feel as though our future is now; what we achieve in 2015 will reflect heavily on our future in...more

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How Was Your Night?
How Was Your Night?
How Was Your Night?


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