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I-80 Speedway9/12/2020Nebraska 360 Sprints
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Registration and Dues

Here is the link to preregister for the series and pay dues https://www.myracepass.com/register/?n=10325

Purse and Points Fund

2018 I-80 Points fund

2018 Points fund will be 7000.00 1st will pay 2500.00 2nd 1500.00 3rd 1000 4th 800 5th 600 6th 400 7th 200

Ne 360 Sprints rules

2018 Rules we use ASCS Rules to make things easier

305's racing with Ne 360"s

We will let you Draw for starting position, although we would rather have you opt for starting in rear . We do not like to tear up cars and the HP and speed is way different between these two classes, Most of our guys are running for points and we would prefer to let them race for points. With the passing point system you lose points if you go backwards say you start first in the heat and go back to 6th you receive 57.5 points if you start 6th and finish 6th you receive 65 points could be quite a few spots further ahead in the next race. any questions please ask.

Pill draw and pit Meeting

Nebraska 360 Sprints Pill Draw and Entry Procedures This has never been an issue in the past, but at our most recent race, because we were receiving requests from the track to provide heat race starting orders as soon as possible, the pill draw was moved up accordingly. As we have always said we are not perfect and will strive to do what is right for our group. After doing a thorough search of all the rules we could think of to look at, to our dismay all we found in any of them is if you miss the draw you are at the tail of the heat, we were looking for more help than that! So this is what we came up with. We will open the draw as soon as Dennis arrives at the race track. It will be a computer generated draw just like we did at I-80 last week. (Dennis will do his best to arrive approximately 2 hours before Race track start time) We will conduct our pit meeting 1 hour and 15 minutes before start time . We ask that you draw before pit meeting it will help get stuff done in a more timely matter. When you show up at the track come let us know you are there and draw, If you have not raced with us before we will need a W-9 filled out to put you in the computer so you can draw and more important get a check. So please don't put it off till the last minute. The Draw will close shortly after pit meeting. If you are going to be late give someone a call to draw for you, that way we know you are coming. we do understand sometimes stuff happens and you get there late but we must also keep the race track owners happy as they pay the purse. If you have any questions you can call : Dennis Parker 402-677-3757 sprintracer3@aol.com Randy Palmer 402-483-1974 rstar.palmer@gmail.com
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